Why build the electrical wires above or below the walkpath when you don’t have too ^^ The beach here just outside can be big, but one day the tide was really high and everything was like in the picture below.

Aums mom and grandma. They have monkeys just outside the house. We like them a lot but Aums family just think they are okay. Sometimes they steal things. Also I saw a monkey here in the middle of Hua Hin on the street one day.

Black hamburger? And a thing from the sea with a hard shell that they make a salad with. They only use the rum from it though. I didn’t find it very tasty.

We tried shooting a gun and tried many things now here around Hua Hin. A bonus picture also of Jonas and Moa from Koh Samui. A nice island in the south. I want to go there also later some time 🙂