This will be a bit of a long post, but the short summary is that we had a really nice wedding. We are all happy 🙂 The wedding was  really intense (and hot!) and combined with less sleep than normally both me and Aum was really tired after. It was such a nice day, with many new experiences!

We started early in the morning, around seven. That meant that Aum had to get up at three in the morning to start with the hair, makeup and everything. I could sleep for three more hours. The time to start the wedding was chosen by monks that got all information about me and Aum, when we were born and so on. Also the date should be chosen by monks to get a good date. Thai people can take this kinda seriously so it was really good that they chose a date when mom, Jonas and Moa was still here.

It was a lot to prepare for the weddin day, even if I could only help with a few of the things. They have more traditions here, for example to buy a new bed mattress with red sheets and prepare for the wedding night, take pre-wedding photos and print one in big size, make and design a big wedding sign, make a flower wall, prepare a parade to walk to the house, buy gifts for all guests (just a small gift for most guests), buy gold, prepare for a dowry and so on. Also normal things like preparing food, buying rings and setting up party tents. We got a lot of help to make all this possible while we both worked full time and just had a few weeks to prepare.

For me the wedding day started with a quick shower and help with some makeup. Then we went from the hotel me and my family stayed at to a neighbour of Aum, just a few houses away from her house. We got something to eat and drink and then it was time for the parade to go, with us also in it. Everyone held a food gift to give to the wedding and some nice things and banana trees to plant later. We walked to Aums families house. When we got there I had to pass several golden and silver ropes. It’s a Thai tradition. I got help from a woman that Aum knows to speak with everyone since I can only speak a little bit Thai. We gave everyone an envelope with just some small money and they let us pass the ropes. Time to go upstairs in the house and meet Aum! But she was not there at first. They like to joke about things and after a while she came out from another room 🙂 But when we got downstairs again my shoes where gone. This is also a tradition that I knew about so I said there will be a reward for anyone who finds them and just a few seconds later two boys “found” them and they each got an envelope with some small money.

Then it was time to do the part of the ceremony that involved nine monks. Blessings from them, giving food to them and receiving water from the monks was part of it. Also to exchange our rings and giving gifts to the important guests. Other guests where waiting outside, eating a bit, and many more guests would only arrive later for the big lunch. We also received gifts from the guests in form of money in envelopes. This can cover some of the cost to have the wedding, but not all. And the Sinsord (dowry) is given here. It goes to Aus family or grandmother and is originally used to be as a safe thing for the family in case something goes wrong and Aum has to come back from me. Something along this way. Still many families want to keep this, but mostly in the more rural and poor parts of the country. Aums grandmother let me have the 100 000 baht (25 000 kr) back for us to start our new life. There is also a gold gift wich should be minimum 2 baht of gold (around 10 000 kr) and the minimum was okay to give. All this was decided with my mom talking to Aums grandmother. Older people have higher status so I should not talk about it, instead my mom should do it. So many things here are very different from Sweden. Also food and other things, but I like it a lot here 🙂

I was so hot after all this since I’m not at all flexible with my legs and can’t really sit good and have to be a bit tense. After some cold water I felt better again.

Next tradition was to get water on us from the guests. This time we could sit comfortably on a small chair so I was all good 🙂 Also a connecting thing on our heads and blessings from Aums grandmother. The small white flowers you see below our hands are put there one by one with needles. Many things about Thai weddings take some time to prepare, but is of course really nice when it is done. The flower is called “love flower” and that is why it is used so much for weddings and similar occations.

Photoshoot with everyone! I got pictures from my camera (that Aums friend used) and from another guys camera and had over 2000 pictures to look through. Took some time to sort it down to a managable level ^^

We had a big lunch with 400 guests. Aums mother invited many so many people, and I have heard that Thai people often want to make big weddings. In the morning it was around 50-60 people involved and we stayed at Aums families house. Now it was way too many people for that so we all went to the temple nearby where it was prepared party tents and a lot of food.
We got a ride in a car (with a nice pink ribbon) to the lunch area at the temple even if it was just a few houses away, across the big road. We said hi to everyone at their tables but couldn’t stay so long to talk with everyone. At the stage Aum threw the flowers to the girls and one of them cought it and was really happy 🙂 Also we both help a short speech and our mothers too. For me and Aum it was many things to do so after everyone had finished eating and went home we had some time to eat and relax also.

So by now most things were finished. Now it was only us and Aums family and a few people comming and going. So we could relax a bit and later we had a basic dinner and prepared our bed. This would be the first time sleeping in the same bed in Aums house. Normally people here don’t live together until they are married (or don’t tell their parents about it). But some parents are getting less strics also. Most people knew that me and Aum have been living together and also that she visited Sweden. But her grandmother doesn’t know. Now after we married her grandmother is happy and allows Aum to go to Sweden to live with me.

We had a bed upstairs in our own room prepared with some money (much money back and forth here on wedding days) and rose leaves. The tradition is that we should not leave the room for the whole night, wich was not a problem at all. We were really tired and slept until around seven in the morning when they woke us up and it was time to do dishes and take things away from the wedding day. When we got back to Hua Hin (to our house we rent) later that day we took a long and nice massage and could relax.

It was so nice with everything and all the work people put into making this happen. I have collected some short movie clips also that you can see here below.


Prepare for the parade:

Monks praying for us:

Water from monks:

Give each other rings:


Gift giving:

Praying for ancestors:

Ritual with grandma:

Water from people:

Too hot!

Small kiss:

Throw the flowers: