We spent one night in Bangkok before me and Aum went separate ways. She had to go back to Hua Hin for work and I had to get out of the country to get a new visa in Thailand. My plan was to go to India, but apparently you need to apply for a visa online a couple of days before you go with a Swedish passport. Normally it’s not needed as you get the visa at the airport, or E-visa like in Australia. As I saw this really late I had to change my plans. I found a cheap flight to Vietnam, Ha Noi. I want to see the north of Vietnam also and am having a great time in Vietnam as I am writing this. I’ll have to go to India another time.

Jonas found a place with some cats that we visited. We also played some games and saw someone win many big stuffed animals. Jonas tried and also won.

We met up with some of Aums friends and had a BBQ were you could eat and drink as much as you wanted for 1,5 hours, for 100 kr. Big crabs, and many tasty things 🙂 I tried some new food also, but actually before we went to BKK. I tried shark meat.