I have been to the south of Vietnam two times before, and this time to the north side. I am a bit used to the traffic, small chairs, everyone using all of the pavement for scooter repair shops and small restaurants. But I think I will never be completely used to it. Bangkok is a busy city but when I got back there it seemed calm and well ordered in comparison.

I tried the most tasty egg coffe and also coconut coffe here. Met some wonderful people, for example the Vietnamese teachers that told me about how it is to be a teacher there (not easy, and so low salary..).

I had heard about a coffe shop that was the oldest one in the city. However it was not that easy to find even though I knew the adress. I had to go through a store, up the stairs where it seemed like people lived? and then up to the coffe shop. Also the springrolls in the north of Vietnam are amazing and definetely worth a try!

At a museum in an old prison they really were treated bad. It was a bit intense to see and read everything. A big part of the population in the prison died every year because of how they were treated. However this was still much more light weight than in Ho Chi Minh (south) where they show pictures from the Vietnam war.

My hotel was newly renovated and they asked if I could help to take pictures of the rooms, breakfast and things. In return I got some things like dinner with the manager. He let me try many new things, dove, quail (with bones and all) and many things. He said next time I should try dog and rat and snake (also drink the blood) as he likes them all, but I’m not sure ^^

I tried pottery, but I did it in high school also. This time I didn’t have much time, just for fun, no burning of the clay or anything.

After a trip to the north of Vietnam (Sapa) I had two more days in Hanoi before going back to Thailand.