This is near the boarder to China and this town is located 1500 m up with a nearby mountain of 3000+ meters with a sky-lift. However the weather was just okay so I could not go up to the top. The main things to see here are the rice fields and the local people. Really different place, and such nice nature. On the night train they had a couple of different classes. I’m glad I took the deluxe class with sleeping wagon. It was okay even if it’s not much compared to the trains in Sweden. The normal class however has hard wood benches with open windows for “cooling”. The train looked like it was falling apart and is not suitable if you can get seasick easily since the railway is in a bad shape and the train goes from side to side. Vietnam is not as rich as Thailand, but the people are as friendly and it is similar in many ways.

I got to see a lot of the real life here, even though there were many tourists around. We had a great guide that showed us her home, and her husband invited us for some rice wine. It was around a 2 hour walk from the big village were we stayed to the small village she lives in. Her salary was 80 SEK/day the days she got a call to be a tourist guide, and other days she was working her families fields since the salary is not enough. Apparently most men around this area just like to stay inside and drink rice wine.

The nature and views here are amazing. It was often a bit cloudy and changed every minute, like it can do up in the mountains.


Mixed pictures.