Morocco was interesting to visit, but not one of my favourite countries for vacation. The two drawbacks are that it’s not that much to see/do there in comparison and also people try to talk you into buying stuff much more than in Turkey for example, and even more than in Egypt I would say.

To go in March was a good idea. The sun is really warm, but it’s still cool in the shadow. Kinda like Swedish summer days.

I met up with Mohammed from Couchsurfing that showed me his familys house and treated me for lunch there. It was really interesting to walk around there with him and see the real Morocco, in a place with no tourists.

My brother Jonas was with me during this week and we took it rather easy and had a good time.

Crocodile park, with lots of different plants also. Well maintained, and actually the roads and garbage and many things in this country was much better maintained than you would expect.

A place called the Paradise valley. We walked a long way, to the end of the way. Most people stayed at the natural pool in the start of the valley and when we came back a guy jumped and got his shoulder dislocated when he landed in the water.