Aum needed some hot weather, and now she got it. Greece is really nice in the beginning of June. We have been relaxing at the beach, eating good food, tried a few drinks and seen many sights at the island.

Travel tip: One ATM I withdrew money from was good and the total fee was 30 kr. One other charged a lot extra. It said 0 % fee (as they often do) and it takes the fee from a bad exchange rate instead. 200 Euro = 1950 kr, but this ATM charged 2150 kr = 10 % fee because of bad exchange rate. I chose to not accept on the machine and got the option to withdraw anyway and the fee would be “calculated later”. Now when I checked my bank account they charged a fee of  around 80 kr, with perfect exchange rate. Always check the exchange rate when exchanging/withdrawing money since most places say 0 % fee but still take out a fee in their bad exchange rate.

We stay at a small hotel with “personal” breakfast. Come any time and they will make eggs, toast, juice or what you want. There are maybe 20 rooms here in total.

Old city in Rhodes town. So big, so much. A must see if you go to this island.

More from Rhodes island.

Lindos. A really nice place to visit since of the old citadel at the mountain top, but the village is now only for tourists, every street has tourist shops.


We also went over to Turkey on a day trip since it’s really close (1,5h with boat).

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