Welcome to Thailand everyone! Now I’m working a bit from here again, enjoying the beaches and tasty food mixed with working, not a bad start before vacation time. Aum is spending a lot of time with her family during the days I’m working. I have not been taking that many photos now, mostly with my phone, but I hope some will be interesting.


My office space at the hotel we’re staying at in Hua Hin a bit south from Bangkok, and a picture of Tesla wanting to join us to Thailand 😉 The woman that is renting our apartment is taking care of her and she is happy back in Sweden so it’s okay.

It’s would be difficult to grow bananas like this in Sweden, but we can grow basilica. Just not big bushes like this 🙂

It was a storm for three days, a real storm. This is the flooding after in Phetchaburi where Aums family lives (not my pictures). In Hua Hin it didn’t get quite as bad.

Locally grown fruid for dinner? Can’t be any more local than this 🙂 just one step outside of the restaurant (first picture). The elevator at our hotel is also quite good, it takes up to 50 kg!

Electric safety standard (last picture). Everywhere wires just go twisted and tangled with branches and things.