We went to a place almost all people going to Puerto Princesa visits. The underground cave. Everyone loved it but for us it was just okay, and we went to other places also of course. Nice to see, but also a 2 hour ride one way on a bad road. Our driver handled the car really well, but drove really fast also and overtook most other van drivers in objectionable ways. Overall I still liked the tour and our guide was really good. We tried a zipline over jungle/water for nearly 1 km also at the same area.

The 3-wheeled motorbike rides was really cheap here as this is a city as the city is not only filled with tourists. A one km ride cost 10 pesos (less than 2 SEK) per person with fixed prices. A mixed seafood dinner with fish, shrimp, octopus and more at the sea for 2 persons 600 pesos (100 SEK).

We also went to a place with animals and a separate place where native peope comes to visit. They stay for a couple of days and show their music and things a few times/day. It was not done like a show and they go back to their village after some days and some new people might come after that and so on. Apparently people eat the roaches (see picture) as snacks, but here they also feed some animals with them. It is not cockroaches.