Philippines, the land of sir and ma’m.

We have learned that everyone in the Philippines aress tourists they don’t know the name of as “sir” or “mam”, I mean everyone. 


In Coron we have been all five of our party, me, Aum, Moa, Emil and Patrik. We started out by going to a hotel on an island, directly by the sea. It had free boat transfers to town (20 min) so it was still easy to go and do things and a really nice location. Then we saw fireflies one evening in a lake and in the same lake they had two kinds of flourescent plancton that started shining as you touched the water. Scuba diving was one of our goals here, me and Patrik took the advanced open water course, Moa and Emil got the open water licence. It was a lot of fun during our educational dives as we practiced in old ship wrecks and Kayangan lake wich had mountains all around and fresh water the first 10-20 meters and then heated sea water (39 C) under that.


We went to the highest roof top bar for a sunset view (maybe 10 floors, it’s a small city) and the price for beer was higher here, we had to pay 13 SEK : ) We took a private boat tour arund the islands here outside of Coron as the price was the same for us five as on a big group tour. Then we could choose when to go, where to go and buy our own lunch that they cooked for us. I chose a 1,5 kg big crab as it was the largest one I have ever seen for food and not too expensive.


The dogs and cats here are very friendly in general. Much more than other places I’ve visited, at least for the homeless ones as they tend to be a bit agressive in some other countries. People are frienly as well but internet is super slow. One evening Emil was booking an airplane ticket for maybe 40 minutes as for every click it took forever to load the page. Sometimes it’s working okay though but I recommend buying a simcard here as none of the hotels we stayed in had wifi in the rooms, ony in the lobby (super slow). The price level is a little bit lower than Thailand except for transportation that is way cheaper and hotels that are actually more expensive instead. 

The food is usually was to sweet so sometimes we try to order “no added sugar, not so sweet”. Other than that the food is okay and I tried things like a meal of ox tounge for 60 SEK, lobster and many things. Special things like that is much cheaper here than in Thailand. Wildfires are much more common here than other asian countries from what I’ve seen, and also a lot of controlled fires for garbage and things of course.

Airports on the islands are small and odd. The one in El Nido was kinda funny as it had a VIP room with more basic walls and things than the normal airport waiting room. A couple of pictures from the phone: