Me and Aum started out in El Nido just a few days before Moa and Emil joined us here (my sister + bf). We took it easy before they arrived, stayed at the beach and looked around. The price level here is much higher than Puerto Pirncesa, nearly double. This is a small place but still many tourists come since the scenery is amazing! 
We also took a kayak to a beach nearby with no people. Actually on the main beaches here that are easy to get to there aren’t even that many tourists as El Nido is a small town.

We had two great days at the sea with a private tour of many islands and things around El Nido. The price per day was only around 1000 SEK for the whole of our group of four with tasty lunches (even lobster) included. So worth it instead of the big group tour with basic everything for around half the price. We went to our own private beaches and had a great time. Also we stayed in El Nido for a few days to look around there.

Second day at the sea. Amazing views around El Nido, and in the town as well. It might be around the same size of Vännäs (5 – 10k population) but feels bigger since it’s more dense. There are many mountains and they can’t build too much spread out.