The last few days in the Philippines it’s only me and Aum traveling together in Manila. The others have a bit more time and headed to other places. Our first impression of Manila is the hotel. Our last hotels where around 50 % more expensive and this in Manila is still way better. Of course it’s no surprise as it tends to be more expensive on islands and touristy places, and compared to Sweden every place we visited is still cheap. I was just a bit surprised when we had to pay around 350 SEK/night to get a descent hotel in many of the touristy places. The sam quality of hotels in Thailand (or Manila) is often arund half of this price.


Since only the metro part of Manila has more people than all of Sweden it is a really large city and most people seem to recommend staying in Makati so we did. I recommend going to a roof top bar like Firefly for example and visiting the old town “Intramuros”. Just be careful with the bike tricycle drivers as they all seem to charge both by every 30 min and by the number of people. We did not get the last part even if it said so in small letters on the sign and had to pay twice as much as we thought as we where 2 persons. And it was price to start with for the Philippines. At least our guide/driver knew a lot about the history of all places we visited and explained everything thoroughly.