We went for a one week vacation to Germany and started out in Frankfurt, visiting a friend of mine. I booked a hotel through hotels.com as I often do and made sure to book with AC since it can get hot in Germany sometimes. The day we arrived it was a heat wave going on and the temperature was around 39° C. We got the room key and went in and I saw a small unit that might be an AC and put it on. Only a fan. And the window barely opened. It was really hot and humid. 

I went down to talk with the hotel staff, I was thinking we might be able change room to another with AC since we booked with it. He told me the hotel never had any rooms with AC.. so I contacted hotels.com and they were helpful. I had to wait a bit but since the information on their website wasn’t correct they helped me to book another hotel in the same area with working AC without any extra charge. Problem solved, time to relax and go check out some of the things to see in Frankfurt at 40° C the next day.

Frankfurt felt like a smaller city in some areas, but still had high skyscrapers as well so we went up in one on a viewing deck. We met up with Gustav and Judith and had a lot of fun : ) 

After that our heading was for München where one of Aums friends live. A nice city to walk around in. 

We also went to a concentration camp (Dachau) and it is a visit never to forget.