Pyramids in Giza is of course a must see when visiting Cairo. I reccomend to stay the night at a hotel nearby to get the night show view + a chance to go there early morning. I rode in with horses and it was a nice feeling to go in the side entrance and not have to hustle with all the people to begin with. Just some other horse riders the first half hour or so while going to viewpoints and starting off at the smaller pyramids in the back. Also the best view I ever had while eating breakfast at the hotel, and not expensive (30 €) even with pyramids view.

The second must see in Cairo is the Egyptian museum with its 100 000+ well preserved items. 

The Mokattam area in Cairo was a surprisingly nice place to visit, with a big mosque, small museums inside, old cannons and castles and lots and lots of people. My Egyptian friend recommended it and I was one of the few tourists there. Many children that were not used to tourists wanted to take photos with me. At first it was kinda fun to feel like a celebrity but after 50+ people asked to take a photo with me with their cellphones I wasn’t in the mood for selfies anymore.

Traffic in Cairo is crazy, but on Fridays it can be a bit better so I didn’t have to sit in long traffic queues at least. Still people did U-turns on 2+2 file roads and in general just drove as they pleased. It was fun to look around the city, see the real Cairo life and also visit places like the Khan el Khalili (grand bazaar) that is a bazaar for Egyptian people and not like the ones in Hurghada for tourists.