Soo many things going on during this trip, and many nice people. We have a good friend in Egypt that showed us many places this time also. I tried new food like stuffed pigeon and we got to see the real Egyptian life. Haircut in a saloon where no one spoke English, but with our friend Fam’s help we could translate and get a good price as well (30 kr for the haircut), kids playing football in a sand pit and much more.

The cats here can be very annoying sometimes, but so cute also of course. Some try to take food if you let them too close. Once a cat jumped to take from my plate even, but now I’m more careful. 

I got invited to a sword show to be assistant as he played around with swords and sharp glass to lay down on with girls standing on top for extra weight. And toilets here are often not so clean but some have built in water cannon for after number two 😀