We took a daytrip to Luxor where we went to the Karnak temple and valley of the kings with tombs from all the famous Egyptians from a long time ago, like Tutan Khamen. The Karnak temple was a real must see. I took pictures of course but it is a completely different feeling to see it in real life with these huge stone structures that are around 4000 years old. It was a 5 hour drive to go there and I was exhausted when coming back, but it is worth a visit for sure. 

On our way there I was around 15 road blocks with military checking all cars. Also with road spikes ready and machine guns. Fam wanted to drive us there, but it was not possible. We had to have a guide with us since you need to travel with one, or go only tourists. If Fam would travel with us in a car they would think he is a guide and he needs a guide licence for that. Many rules here like this. Even at the walley of the kings Fam got stopped by a policeman thinking he is our guide. We explained but Fam ended up having to pay a fine..