I haven’t been posting much lately, both because I didn’t take many photographs with my camera at all and since we had to cancel two flights abroad since Corona started. Less travel = less photography for me. We have spend much more time out in the nature around UmeĂ„, doing some BBQ and hiking. It is really nice with small vacations around here every now and then. 


Many things happened lately since I didn’t post much here. Aum got her Swedish citizenship! Also we bought a car so now we can go around here easily. And Tesla has to be careful not to fall off the sofa 😀


I got a drone, for fun and for photographs. DJI Mavic mini. Really good for its price! Here are a few video samples (play at 4k for best quality):


And some birds at our balcony. There are a couple of different species coming, but also once a crow tried it out and put the whole feeding table dows to the ground..


My brothers cat stayed here a week and we found some new toys for him to play with: