Me and Aum are visiting Patrik, a friend that lives in Visby on Swedens largest island. The island is not too big, it takes around 1 hour to drive from one side to the other. We had a lot of plans here and managed to put most of the to life.

We booked the “lending apartment” at Patriks housing association but it was double booked by accident. Then the one who made the mistake said we can have her apartment instead, so that was a win for us to get a full size apartment with everything included for a very good price. Hotels here can be expensive.

They have a lot going on in Visby even if it is a a small place with just over 20k year round recidents. This week it is the “Middle ages week”. we bought liquorice root and also “candid” apples that was really tasty.

Visby is such a nice place to walk around in. There are loads of old preserved buildings and also a big wall all around the old part town.

We also visited some places outside of Visby. “Kalkbrottet”, Södra hällarna”, Högklint” viewpoint and drove around a bit outside of the city.

“Fårö” was one of the highpoints of the trip. We took a full day around that area as it has a lot to offer as well as it is on the other side of the island. Also really nice beaches there with white sand.

I took my drone with me but Visby and some areas are too close to the airport so I didn’t do that much flying. A few shots: